Xplayer Pro Apk 2.1.4 Video Player All Format for Android

Xplayer pro apk the video player that support all format video types and it like a professional playback tool. This video player is very powerful and supports all 4K/Ultra HD/HD with all kinds of videos format you want to play. This video player plays all video with high-quality resolution and high definition.

This is the best android video player for smartphone and tablet. The popularity and the rating are increasing day by day for its better quality. Xplayer pro apk can play all video formats so, another name of the app is video player all format-Xplayer. The app is very nice because it is all in one media player for different formats for android. Very easy to use and the controlling functions are also very easy for any kind of android phone user.

Many smartphone users called it the professional smartphone video player and playback tool. The video player can protect your private videos from being deleted or seen when people use your smartphone or device. It is a great app, there is no internal and external problem in this android video player. Many people especially love this video player to play their all video file in their android mobile phone or tablet.

The sound quality is very good to hear. When you start to play the video file or any format then, you can control with your own command. Arranges your videos and music in order to gain easy access to you. The themes are nicely designed. You may love the simple user interface. There are many useful features for audio and video files.

Advance Features of Xplayer pro apk :

This video player supports all types of video formats in its system including MP4, MKV, HD, FHD,4K, Ultra HD, AVI, MOV and many others. The hardware acceleration system is very nice and so much strong. It can keep all your video in safe mode like private. It also you can make any private folder to make strong security to protect your video in your memory card or phone memory card. There also many reviews on an android authority website.

Xplayer premium apk also allows you to cast videos to TV with Chromecast. It is very easy to use any time from your android device. Support of subtitle downloader system and more. You can manage or share any video file with others and it is very easy. There are also night mode and quick mute system in this video player. The playback speed system is very nice to use and better than any other video player for a smartphone.

This video player is so much strong that it can identify all video files on your devices and SD card. The volume control panel, brightness managing system also very easy to use with on finger. You can download the Xplayer pro apk from our website or google play store or any other apps store. Multi-playback option is available in this video player. It also allows managing auto-rotation, aspect ratio and screen lock.

Any smartphone user who use this app on their android device, they can play their video file with pop up window on their home screen.


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