Why Vivo S1 for You ? Review with Pros and Cons

Vivo has launched its S-series in India and the telephones that shall release below the banner will lay exceptional emphasis on style. The first S-series cellphone in India, Vivo S1, lies in the identical segment the place the company, no longer very long ago, launched the game-centric Z1 Pro.

Finally, the Vivo S1 has a glass-finish body system, that is not basically glass but plastic. The handset derives its charm from unique obliquity completes – Skyline Blue and Gemstone Black. We now have the diamond black version with us with a diamond design imprinted on the rear accompanied by gold accent throughout the vertically piled triple-camera program. In the event you ask, it’s the skyline blue choice that we are definitely more fascinated with.

The back panel is flat and maybe that’s why finally, the handset seems a bit large. But absolutely yes, the S1 is still smaller and substantially brighter than the Z1 Pro, thanks to fairly smaller display size and more compact battery capability.


The selfie camcorder is accommodated inside an old-school notch, that is somewhere-in-the-middle-of-U-and-V-shape cut out. The AMOLED video display and the in-display fingerprint audience, even more, make the Vivo S1 trendy. Likewise, Vivo provides a few cool uncover animations and Always-on screen widgets which you can use to modify the styles of the phone. The recharging slot is still standard micro USB and fortunately, the great aged audio jack is still there. Just as virtually all Vivo phones released in India this season, the S1 has a devoted button to summon Google Associate, and that’s anything we find actually quite beneficial. You can’t map the key to Alexa, though. The Vivo S1 has a 6.38-inch AMOLED screen (Full HD+) and that actually spices or herbs things up. For instance, you get quality in depth blacks and high contrast. What we should adore, much more, is the fact Vivo added some useful color account presets, and it’s now safer to tweak the screen to your liking.


In case you detest the cold and bluish-white wines (as we do), the standard model must be more to your liking. Inside the default function, Vivo focuses on DCI-P3 gamut.


There’s also a shiny mode that shows punchy and oversaturated colors, and a colors heat toggle to help fine-tune your Whites. Likewise, on the application side of the formula are Always-on display and a dark mode.


Think about brightness is effective, and at optimum brightness, the display will become bright enough to generate intelligible below direct sunlight. Intended for whoever’s requesting, the Fun touch OS enables you to change the notch off, but you will have to decide for specific apps.

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