How to verify original Xiaomi Phone and Products?

Now Xiaomi is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturer as well as a variety of gadget and products. Xiaomi’s smartphone and products are always producing cutting-edge, high quality, looking cool and of course a reasonable price. This is what the Chinese company get popularity in all over the world. As a result, there are fraud producers making Xiaomi phone and products replica. If you are not purchasing Xiaomi items from their official website or store then it is very difficult to distinguish from original and fake product. In this post, we’ll show how to verify the original Xiaomi phone and products.

How to Verify Authentic Xiaomi Phone?

Xiaomi has an official website to verify the original Xiaomi phone. This site quite reliable for check authentication of their smartphone. Click here on the link it will redirect you to their official site.

how to authenticate xiaomi phone

Now take your phone on the hand and dial *#06# this will show your device’s IMEI number. Enter IMEI number shown on your phone display solve the captcha code and click on verify. If the web page appears about your phone model and variant this means your phone is original otherwise not.

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How to Verify Original Xiaomi Products?

At first, go to their official website click on the following link It will redirect you to their site. In every Xiaomi product has a 20 digits unique code, like below photo.

scratch off the coating and input those 20 digits code to their official web page we provided above. If your item is original you will get a confirmation like “This is an authentic product. This is the first time this security code has been queried”. On the other hand, if it shows you more than one time this security code has been queried that’s their high chance your product is fake or refurbish.

So, always try to purchase Xiaomi Phone or Products from their official site or store.



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