Tiny Scanner Pro Apk v 4.2.3 Premium PDF Scanner for Android

Tiny scanner pro apk that allows you to easily scan anything. This scanner application can use all types of mobiles. You can say it a portable scanner. Any type of image can scan very easily. Think you have a picture that contains different types of text. Now you want to create those texts in a specific format. This app will support you right now. After scanning, you can share your file with others. You can even put it online anywhere. For instance, the scan quality is very good with this application.

Design of Tiny Scanner :

The user-interface design is very well. It is possible to make install a variety of Android devices. Once scanned, you can give your file a specific name. Then you can save it to your mobile device or any external device. This application is capable of scanning white or black or any color file. You can read the best review of this scanner on this website.

Uses of Tiny scanner premium app:

It can be used anywhere, not just for your work, but also for the school college, university office court. Now you don’t have to use any other scanner for more benefits. If you want to scan more than one file, then you will be automatically scanned according to the page number. And can be stored on your device according to specific serials. And you can try it out anytime. This application is capable of doing two types of normal quality and very good quality. You can first determine what your scan quality will look like.

Advantage of Tiny Scanner Pro Apk:

Another advantage of this is that you can scan a certain size. If you find that you have less memory space, you can scan accordingly. It works much faster than other scanner applications. In the free version, it contains many google ads. So if you want to use ads without ads, you must buy the premium version. This scanner will be available on the free version of the Google Play Store. If you are not able to buy it, you can download the premium version from here. You can use password protection for security purposes. Then no one else can see your scanned file.

Permission Policy of Tiny scanner app:

You will need to pay the camera permission when installing this scanner application. Because the camera is usually scanned. The better the camera on your mobile phone, the better the scan quality. In addition to the camera, your storage device will need permissions. You must pay for it. This means that the scanner application will automatically save files to your device with this permission.

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