minion rush mod apk v7.0.1a(OBB) Despicable Me Official Game

Minion rush mod apk is a unique type of game within animation games. Wherever the scenes of this day are showing, the minds of the viewers will be very happy. And create a lot of excitement in the audience. Over 100 million downloads in google play store for its popularity. This game will allow you to use virtual currency. However, you must collect virtual currency for that. And you have to play this game very well to collect this virtual currency.

Description of minion rush mod apk:

This game is one of the most successful animation game in the animation industry today. Wherever these characters appear, it certainly creates laughter and excitement for the audience. Generally, in partnership with Minion, the product is guaranteed great success. The Minion Rush began production long before the beautiful yellow monsters reached their peak.

To date, the game has received a large number of downloads. Two products from the same category, and can exceed 100 million downloads on Google Play. It deserves to be one of the most prominent characters in the endless running genre. Worldwide, it downloads and plays over 900 million games, according to Gameloft, the game’s official publisher.

The environment of the game:

The gameplay of Minion Rush is fully understandable. Tantra works like a temple run or subway ride. The final mission is to run when you can’t control it and don’t want to stop the obstacle. Your success is calculated by measuring the length of the distance you have traveled. At first, the speed is quite slow, It will be safe. It would be natural to avoid obstacles. Later, when you have reached certain milestones. The character’s speed will also increase gradually. And the distance measurement will increase exponentially. The longer you maintain your life.

The faster the achievement will be, not to mention that boosters along the road also contribute significantly to increasing the score. Apart from trying to maintain life, raising gold coins is also an exciting task. Two things happen at the same time. Just if you run so that the character touches the gold coin, you will get it in your fund.

As an interesting game:

Its charm also comes from the game’s beautiful graphic design. Minion Rush was created and released by Gameloft, so pictures pay attention to detail. Therefore, you can play the game and make sure the characters you control are 100% what you see on the silver screen. Not to mention the fun scenes, the context of the game reflects familiar ideas like home, street, and factory. Make sure you feel as if you are a strict fan of the Despicable Me series. The challenges in the game are related to the content shown to the audience. Many have conquered the hearts of the players and followed the minions – the yellow monsters.

Instruction for playing:

When you launch the Minion rush game you will be automatically asked for your age. That means your playing ability will be tested according to your age. In this way, the ability of the game is tested according to the age of each. So as you start this game you will know your age. As you age, you will be asked whether you are a wife or a man. Then determine the man or the wife. Then enter the game. Once everything is in order, you can start playing the game. At the beginning of the game, all files from the server will be downloaded to your mobile. This may take a while so please wait.

The first impression of Minion rush:

Once the game starts you will see that you have to run. You will have several bananas in yellow. The things you have to eat. When you run to eat this banana you will encounter various obstacles. You have to ignore all kinds of obstacles and move on to the next. As you eat bananas your points will increase. When you run to eat the yellow bananas if you are obstructed to your right then go left. And if you see an obstacle on the left, you will go to the right. At various times, there will be a barrier on your head that is over your head. At that moment you will lower your head to eat bananas. Then you can easily overlook that obstacle.

Suddenly your game will be over if you cannot overlook the obstacle. And your whole point will be considered. You will be presented with a star above your point. Then you have to start all over again. If you can collect a lot of points, you can change the level of your game.

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