Macrodroid Pro Apk 5.3.3 Device Automation+Full Premium

Macrodroid Pro Apk is a device automation android app for you. It is a kind of Android application that helps you to do various tasks automatically. Many times we can’t do much work on mobile because we are busy. Just then it is very important to do some necessary work. And those things are done through this app. Using this application saves you extra time to automate a lot of mobile work. With this application, you will be able to do things that are not possible in your absence.

MacroDroid is a must for the developer or the novice. Easy to learn and fun to use. Handy for organizing your device by automating daily tasks which we often forget, like switching to silent/vibrate upon entering the office or college, etc, and restoring the volume on leaving a location. MacroDroid also inspires me to tricks I hadn’t even thought of. I couldn’t do without it now.

Why need Macrodroid Pro Apk ?

At the present time, we like to do any work automatically. And this Android application is giving that opportunity. The manufacturers have designed and developed it in such a way that we can automatically do any kind of work on our mobiles from small to big. With the free version of this application, it is possible to do a few things automatically. But if you purchase the premium version of this application then all kinds of automated work are possible. You will love its design and development. Naturally, no errors and problems have been found so far. So you can definitely use this application to do automated work on your mobile. This application is making our life much easier. Your busy schedule saves you time.

Macrodroid Pro Apk download

This is exactly the case if you think your mobile is not charged now, then this application is able to customize the mobile according to the current charge. This means that if you do not have a mobile phone, then this application is able to do your job. If you get an urgent call while you’re at work, you can automatically send him an answer with this application. And with that answer, your location can be sent. A free version is available here.

Very good app with good options for non rooted phones via ADB shell (eg change theme depending on the time of day). Helped me circumvent notification and ringer link in Android 10 via set ring volume on the incoming calls. One suggestion and the reason for only 4 stars: add a macro for the progressive ring. Thank you Devs for your great work, I will post if I encounter issues.

Working system of Macrodroid

This application is also able to do many more things automatically in addition to your mobile’s Bluetooth connection, volume, etc. If you walk down the street with your mobile in your pocket and if your call comes right now, it is possible to receive the call automatically. Again if you think that I will not receive the call but will send a reply to him automatically. Then you need to select the setting from within this application. Through that setting, a certain message can be reached on the other end. Again, if you think that if someone calls, his call will be automatically rejected, it is also possible to do that. You only need to follow the correct rules from the internal settings.

It is very easy to change different types of networks and select specific ones through this application. It is very easy to choose which type of network you will use in which place through the application. That means you don’t need to set up the network on your own. Many times we make the mobile horizontal to watch the video in the video player on the mobile. If you select Settings through this application, you will no longer need to be horizontal. Mobile will automatically rotate.

Brightness is a very important part of the mobile. A mobile user is constantly changing. It needs to be changed in the morning, in the afternoon and in the night. But it seems like a lot of trouble to change yourself over and over again. So if you use this application, you can easily automatically select different types of brightness from time to time. Next time you will not have any problem with your brightness.

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