Lumosity Premium Apk v2019.07.09.1910293 (Lifetime Subscription)

Download Lumosity Premium Apk with Lifetime Subscription. Lumosity: #1 Brain Games & Cognitive Training App is designed by neuroscientists to elevate your brain memory, skill, creativity, and attention. Lumosity helps you to boost your mental muscle over various ways like analytical thinking, problem-solving, deep attention and the most important focus on anything.
Start your brain training exercise with Lumosity mod apk with lifetime subscription. Test your baseline score and identify how much ability you have and compare with others. User can also improve their brain ability to practice regularly. It has many options to personalize the training plan and select one which suitable for you. To get tips and better game accuracy need to unlock in-depth insights. This feature will show your performance in details. Overall this a brain games that take cognitive task with fun and elevate brain gradually. To get the best result use the app regularly.

More About Lumosity Premium Apk

Lumosity Premium Apk is an educational game app which is posted in the Education category in play store. It’s most using and popular app for train brain. Our brain is like a muscle it will be stronger by regular exercise. This brain games app will improve mind calmness and relax in a short period. Lumosity highly recommended app because of all the games design base on scientific research. This brain-boosting game app is released by Lumos Labs, Inc. Now it has more than 70 million users all over the world. The developer of the app released it as a free on Google Play Store. But if want to use limitless then you must purchase a premium subscription. If you can’t afford to purchase this article is going to helpful for you. In this post, we share the latest mod version of this app.

Lumosity Lifetime Subscription provides full features unlocked and access to play all game. Lumosity is also a brain game for kids as well as adults. The main purpose of the app is to enhance all ages users brain activity, ability, focus, concentration. In this game, the user has to do solve the puzzles and the results will be saved. Users can see the statistic any time this stats may help to improve their scores.
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Regular brain exercises can help to enhance your brain ability and focus. Lumosity has versatile challenges that make user playing the game regularly. If you looking for brain games for adults application this will one of the best. It has more than 40 brain games that can boost cognitive and academic quality. There are various types of challenges are available like a puzzle game, memory games. Problem-solving, Logic games, Critical & Analytical thinking, Math games, vocabulary games.


After installing the game at first you need to register for an account and sing in the app. You can complete the sign-up process easily by using Facebook or Google account. Remember that, to use to app sign-up is mandatory otherwise you can’t get access. After completing the registration for the first time it will ask for some information. We advised you to answer that accurately because the app will suggest exercise according to the information you provided. They will measure your ability through those answered you are provided and all your tests will match as your ability.


Lumosity app can analyze the data from your previous tests and compare the results with the same ages, other users. You can access your statistics and find out your strength and weakness and improve your ability.


Nowadays deep focusing on something is very difficult. This brain game app is designed to get your focus on critical problem solving and improve brain capability. This app is work as meditation techniques which is really very effective for centered your mind. Practice regularly with this mindfulness tests and achieve mental calmness and relaxation.

Final Verdicts

Lumosity Premium Apk is a brain elevate app for Android. An expert’s team design and develop the application for all ages people. It will suggest tests as per users capabilities. Lumosity apk support multi-language like English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and more. People who looking for brain exercise app for Android we highly recommend them to use it.

Story Behind The Developers

The team behind Lumosity are scientists and designers. The scientists have research on neuropsychological and developers design the app based on their research. They also work with more than 40 university researchers all over the world. So this application will be compatible with adults and kids.


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