Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk v1.4.10 (Patch) Latest Version

Download Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk v1.4.10 full unlocked version for Android. This tool displays real-time internet speed of the smartphone in the notification panel. It helps you to monitor wifi or data network speed at any time. If you looking for a simple and minimalistic tool to monitor internet speed then Internet speed meter lite or pro version is perfect for you. It’s not only showing you real-time speed but also can give you reports of daily, weekly or monthly. So a user can easily understand how much data they consume in a specific time. It has two versions one is free another is paid. There are some advanced features if the pro version. We’ve provided the paid version download link is below. The developer of the app is DynamicApps to know more about the app click here.

The Lite/Free Version Features

The lite version of the app is free for download and use. In this version has almost all major features. The following features are available in Internet speed meter lite latest version:

  • Display real-time internet speed update in status bar and notification panel.
  • Daily usage data notification
  • Option to see data usage stats and also have an option for separate wifi and mobile data stats.
  • Get a maximum of 30 days of traffic data.
  • Battery efficient

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Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk Features

The pro version has some cool features that make the app great. Following features come with the pro version:

Notification Dialog
When you click on the notification a dialog bar will appear. It shows you a graph monitor of internet activity. Also, show you the time and use of the current session.

Smart Notification
In the paid version when the device connected with internet notification will appear. Also, the option for hiding the notification while the internet connection is idle.

Color Icon
In free only white color notification is available. Premium version has the option to choose the color between white or blue.

Separate Speed
Another cool option is to upload and download speed shows in a separate notification.

Beautiful UI
Internet speed meter pro has a cool user interface. In this pro version, you will get many themes to customize the app.

Monitor Usage Data
No need to use an extra app to track your usage data. Able to track daily weekly or monthly usage data. Also able to get the stats separate between mobile data or wifi data.

Real-time Update
This internet speed meter app is a powerful tool that can show real-time speed. It has an indicator that can show accurate mobile data or wifi speed.

Battery and Space Efficient
This app designed with more battery efficient. The size of the application is very small so it is also a memory efficient app.

Final Verdicts

Internet Speed meter pro is not an internet speed test app. Basically, this tool is designed for the user to need real-time internet speed monitoring and stats. This app is most uses speed monitoring tool for Android in Google Play Store. It not only shows download speed but also shows upload speed too.


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