How to send a message in WhatsApp without adding the contact?

WhatsApp is the most popular communications apps for Android and iOS. There are more than a billion people connecting with it. Users can share instant texts and files for free. It has also a free feature where you can make audio or video call without limitation. This app works almost all model of the smartphone as well as a support web version. If you don’t use the app yet install it from the following link and enjoy unlimited communication and sharing all over the world. Operating of the app is very simple nevertheless it has something which is annoying. Normally you can’t make communication with others if their number not in your contact list. You can fix this problem with third party application which is not safe for privacy. If you feel bothered by this problem then this article going to helpful for you.

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How to send a message or file in WhatsApp without adding the contact?

This process is a little tricky, let’s follow the simple steps:

  1. Open you prefer browser on your smartphone
  2. Copy the following link and paste it to your browser address bar:
  3. Here is the main trick, enter your desire phone number instead of XXX, phone number should be including code but excluding + sign.
    Ex: If the person number is Indian then the address should be
  4. Now, enter from your smartphone keyboard and automatically redirect to WhatsApp message to the person you don’t want to add your contact list.

That’s it, it’s the secret trick to start a conversation with someone without saving their number to your contact list. If you need to do this often bookmark this article or copy the secret link we provided above. We regularly post about many topics on technology like smartphone news & review, Tips, and Tricks, Gadget review. So, be with us and have all the technology news in one place.

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