Gallery Vault Pro Apk 3.14.74 Hide Photo & Video+Mod 2019

Gallery vault pro apk helps you to hide your photo and video from your phone. This is also the best privacy system for your smartphone to make high-quality security. You also called it high privacy protection for your photo videos or any files. Which you do not want to share with others. If any smartphone user makes privacy with this application, then other people can not get access to those files. The gallery vault app also can hide any app icon from your mobile home screen. Gallery vault apk allows you to import any image or video file on its, and then nobody can see that exist that on your phone.

Many times we need strong security on our smartphone. By using this application you can make good privacy on your phone. It helps you to hide your important file, images, videos from others.

Want to save your important file then use it. This app gives you a great performance. There are no bugs in this app. Just download the latest final version from this website.

Why need it for your smartphone:

A lot of people have their personal secrets, and better technology permits people to keep all that in the mobile phone device. Essentially, you only require straight forward included applications to guard your documents. Nevertheless, a few still get into the understandings and need to apply more complex safety applications. If you are searching to get this kind of application, Vault Gallery fulfills all you want. It is a high-quality content security tool produced to specifically target guarding the images and videos within your phone. If clients use an Android-powered mobile phone, “Gallery Vault” may be the most secure space you may maintain content material that you don’t wish to be violated.

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What you will get in Gallery vault pro apk:

This premium gallery vault totally free here which provides smart security on your smartphone. If you want to make many directories on your phone then you can easily make that by its. There are many privacy apps on the google play store to make security for a phone. Among them, most are not perfect for hiding all contents. This app not only gives you to hide the image and video file. But also it provides you to scope of hiding any app icon from your smartphone.

Another interesting option in this premium version app. This allows making a fake pin for you. That means you can make a fake pin code for your phone or this app. If any person without you, try to unlock the app with fake pin or wrong pin. Then they will find those pictures or file what you will select for them.

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Highlight features of Gallery vault app: 

This app makes a better performance with your android mobile phone. Not only video and image but also you can hide all kinds of a file by this application. The main system of the hidden files is encrypted in this app. So, there is no way to lose any file from your phone. Also, supports for all files which are on the SD card. You can also move your encrypted files from your SD card to the phone device storage.

Now, this gallery vault app support all kinds of android version. Like KitKat, lollipop, android pie and so more. Another benefit of the app, this is supporting your private internet browser when you download any image or any video files. After downloading any images or videos file you can directly import that to your gallery vault application for privacy.

There are no storage limitations to storage your private file on this app. That means you can use unlimited memory which supports your phone as an internal memory or external memory. The fingerprint technology system also included in this gallery app. But still now that is working only for Samsung android phone.

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