Ex Kernel Manager Apk v 5.3.1 Full Premium(2020)+Download

Ex Kernel Manager Apk is the ultimate tool for the performance tuning of your android phone. Also, maximizing the phone battery life, tweaking color and sound. This application gives & allow you all hardware control system. With the premium service, you will get a modern user interface. If you want to use this, Then you have to make root your device. Without root, you can not use this app on your smartphone. Google play version is available here.

Why Ex Kernel Manager apk:

Usually used to watch your mobile phone performance within a short period of time. There are many types of applications through which your performance can be seen. But not all applications will give you proper information. So you can use them as an alternative. Using it you will know the performance of your mobile phone very precisely. This is very well designed for mobile phone users. And you can use it very easily. In any case, you will get a great result with this application. If anybody wants to make full control of his phone then he must need it. Because many of the settings of the mobile does not allow you all access. As a result, you have to use it. Otherwise, you can not feel comfortable on your phone.

Performance on the Dashboard:

By using the app you can get all performance result on your dashboard. The dashboard gives you a summary of all configuration result of your smartphone. Like temperature, battery life percentage & level, CPU & GPU frequency. Also, it shows your internal and external memory uses on the dashboard.

Battery Monitor:

The battery monitoring system shows you the all-time battery level by percentage. From this battery indicator or battery level, you can make sure how much power uses on your phone. It is the most accurate way to measure battery life or smartphone. Also, you can improve your battery life scientifically at any time. It also can automatically measure the battery when discharging. With this app, you can easily find out how much battery you use. Not only that, but it will also tell you how much your battery is charged. This application will show you how much time you can use your mobile on the rest of the charge. This application is very important for monitoring your battery. On the mobile screen, you can easily see the results of your battery used. This application can tell you a specific time when you should charge.

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