Du Screen Recorder Mod Apk v2.1.5.1 for Android

DU screen recorder mod apk is a stable, high-quality screen recorder for Android that helps you record smooth, speedy and clear screen videos. This app is amazing this app help me to upload videos on YouTube thanks. You can edit your videos which is pretty cool. It’s good at what it’s meant you and loves it for screen recorder. It is very fantastic.it has given me the results what you wanted.

This App has made me a lot of YouTube videos since my computer died and it has been helpful. If you need to record games this is the app. It’s like the best screen recorder better than Mobizen. people use this app to record mobile games that are new and popular.

I think this app is great for editing and screen recording to make sure u download this app. This is also the best screen recorder ever and you can go live on YouTube which is awesome and it has it’s own video editor. This app is cool too because you can make a gif with this. This is like so many apps in one single app.
Best recordin’ app ever! Has SO many features that you must try it out! It runs smoothly and has amazin’ quality! This must be the best app ever! I can actually start recordin’ videos with no problem!

du screen recorder mod apk

Details about Du screen recorder mod apk:

It is awesome. There is one problem though. Very good app just add internal recording and this app is golde. The best recording app! This truly is the best recording app I’ve ever used, thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you in your development by translating your application language into my country’s language.

Flawless Screen recorder was well worth the money. Anyone that says they bought this and there is no app shortcut that’s causing this is just the license for the real app which is separate. Everything’s great but I just wish you could record the gameplay audio naturally. Du screen recorder pro apk sound record option does a pretty decent job. But its better than no sound that’s for sure! that will be your next step.

If you can do find a way to record the natural audio from the apps. From my favorite Call Recorder creator Everyone who had a problem, please restart your phone or do some trick and send a bug to dev instead of giving a bad comment in the first 10min of use. can you add a new choice that makes me choose a single sound without the mic sound that my voice will be in? so please make another choice and its not good that the game.

..The app works great as long as you’re on a lollipop but if you’re on kit kat you’ll need superuser access the Only complaint is that if you want to record sound it also records from mic which is very annoying. Besides that this helps me make a very high-quality copy of my clash of clans attacks. Check out “steel claw coach” on youtube for some examples.

Very nice App but still need some improvement. The banner text should movable & clickable. Means we can’t move the banner to our desired position, nor can click on which is behind the banner. You can also download app cloner pro apk from our website.

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