Chrooma Keyboard Pro Apk v4.8.0 Full Unlocked for Android

Chrooma Keyboard pro apk is nicely designed and lightweight for your smartphone. This keyboard is different from other keyboards. This also a private keyboard you are looking for in apps stores. According to the android authority, this keyboard is the best in 2016.

About Chrooma keyboard:

This keyboard structure using a kind of artificial intelligence. Which will help you write anything short and easy? This keyboard is very dynamic compared to other keyboards. This keyboard uses a variety of themes. Each theme contains very nice colors that look great. The interesting thing is that you can customize this keyboard as you go. Which will be more fun to use later. Inside this keyboard, there are many themes of different colors. Which you can easily select for your work. Each theme will support any type of mobile.

Do you like gifs and emoji?  Then this keyboard is a better solution for you. Chrooma keyboard makes a fresh environment for your wring on any kind of smartphone.

chrooma keyboard

Features of Chrooma keyboard pro apk:

Adaptive themes:  This keyboard has numerous adaptive and colorful themes. These themes are looking so nice. You can change the theme with one click from the setting menu. Some people are telling the chrooma keyboard is not a beautiful keyboard. But it has a high productivity tool. All types of colorful themes will adjust to your phone without any problem. There is no fitness problem in color decoration.

You can choose any type of color. Different colors will work in different types of lighting. Usually, a little bright color should be used for a little light. Again you need to use a slight tint when you come to bright light. This is the only keyboard suitable for use in all types of lighting environments.

GIF Collection: We need so many gifs to make a chat or text with others. So, don’t worry. This keyboard gives you a lot of gifs collection in one place. Which kinds of gifs do you need? just click on the gif button and see. A lot of gifs collection in here for your texting. This chrooma keyboard also has a dedicate gifs button. With this button, you can get any types of gifs with a short time. You do not need to use another button to make gifs for your text. Chrooma gifs also support all kinds of smartphone app. There are no applications that do not support this option.

Emojis of Support: This RGB keyboard gives you automatic emojis suggestion when you write anything. It also helps you to provide your most used emojis at the time of typing. This best RGB keyboard all-time update you with their latest emojis. So, if you use this keyboard for your typing then you do not need to think about the update. They always update from the server when you connect with the internet.

chrooma keyboard theme

Typing Features of this  keyboard premium apk:

Multiple Typing: If you prefer different languages ​​for writing then this keyboard is for you. With this keyboard, you can easily convert from one language to another. And you can write every language very easily. You do not need to use any other keyboard to switch from one language to another. This is a single keyboard that allows you to type in any language. Each language works fast enough. To change the language for typing just tab the language button. It will instantly change to another language.

Gesture typing:  If you like to write with tapping then use it. It is a better solution for tapping. That means a smartphone user can write here with tapping over the alphabets. Just use the chrooma keyboard pro version to get this.

Night Mode of the keyboard:

This keyboard also has the night mode which is very important. The maximum time we love to write at night. Many people use eye protection glass at the time of typing. This is very important to have a night mode option on any keyboard. If anybody uses this keyboard he does not need any glass for the night. As an artificial keyboard, this automatically changes with the night when low light faces. To download this apk file just click the download link below.

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