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The Battle cats mod apk is a very popular tower defense game. The publisher of the game is PONOS. In the battle cats game, you have to defend your country. You have to make an expert cat win. Your country needs the help of a cat to fight it. Because on the other hand there are different types of animals. That is usually a lot of experience. So you have to be very careful so that you can win the battle. Of course, you will need some good ways to win the war. Because if the enemy you fight with is stronger then you can be defeated. So you have to choose the right cat. Use the cat that has the most power.

Battle Cats Mod Apk Story

You need to keep fighting until you defeat your enemy. That is, the enemy will be ready to fight until it is defeated. Otherwise, the opposite could happen at any time. You need to select the right cat when your enemy is busy. It is often seen that there is no money in choosing a good cat. In that case, you can use any other weapon. And you will always be given that opportunity.

battle cats mod apk download

When you use a special weapon, you need to be very versatile. Because with this special weapon it is possible to suppress many enemies at once. There will be many enemies on the map. With this special weapon, you can defeat many enemies at once from the map. In addition to hitting the enemy, you can protect yourself from various damage. That is, you are able to deal damage. That is, at the beginning of the war you will need to use a good cat as well as special weapons.

Battle cats

At the beginning of this game, you will have a few cats. When your cats are finished fighting, your points will increase. Suddenly when you win that means you enter the next step, you get a new powerful cat. This way, as each step changes, new cats will be added to your team. Remember that every cat has different abilities. So allow them to fight according to their ability. Different forces are needed to defeat different enemies.
battle cats mod apk free download
Which is near these cats. Remember that one time you will have to deal with a much larger enemy. So cats need to be prepared at all times. If you have less energy and power then you cannot win. In this case, you need to buy a new powerful cat with gold. If you do not have gold, you can earn gold by doing different things.

Tower Defense Battle game

You have to make a lot of money. Because with this money you can buy special weapons and this special weapon will win the war. Cats have different weapons at different times. You can change weapons at any time. Each cat has ten wives. You can change up to ten cat wives at a time if you need to.
This game will make you stronger. That’s why you treat your cats regularly. When you find that your team has a lot of good experience, you will be ready for battle. Then you can challenge other players as well. That means you are ready to fight another player. The free version of the battle cats in here.

Graphics of Battle

The war cats are beautifully decorated. Its graphics are very simple. These graphics are displayed very well on any kind of Android mobile. Other 3D games do not have the same features, but this game has a lot of popularity. Enemies are designed a little differently. This will make it much easier to identify the enemy. The sounds of cats fighting and dealing with the enemy are beautiful.

Battle Cats in this game

There is a green field to fight. When you are ready on the battlefield, various enemies will come to attack you. If your cats are on alert at all times, they are more likely to win on the battlefield. The cats you find in the first phase can be sluggish. So you have to work hard to train the cats. Because everything depends on these cats. Later these cats will be your brave warriors. I have to work hard to protect my country. The bad guy will always try to harm you. They will strive to dominate the whole earth. That is, the main purpose of this game is to declare war on the bad guys. Where the cat will serve as your army.
Very smooth program. It tries to get you to buy in-game stuff, but its stuff that’s not nearly as difficult to get like the doughnuts in Simpson’s Tapout. Pretty addicting and good time waster, especially if you’re the type that’s into the collectible card genre. Though I recommend playing all the levels in the story mode UNTIL you’ve gotten the treasure rewards. They give you stats-boosts across the entire game, otherwise, you will find yourself struggling and failing through the whole game.
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