Accu Battery Pro Apk v1.2.6-1 + [Mod Apk] Latest Version

Accu Battery pro apk is designed to accurately monitor meter that can help to save battery life. It can also measure accurate battery capacity in mAh. There are many battery health apps for Android AccuBattery is one of the best battery saver apps for android. All of the smartphone batteries have a limited lifespan. So, every time you charge smartphone its battery lifespan is loosing. Scientific research shows that the battery lifespan can be extended up to 200% if you charge a device in 70-80%. Accu Battery app will remind every time when the device battery charge reached 80%. This percentage limit is the default setting you change it to any percentage you prefer. You can also identify how fast your device getting charge.

AccuBattery apk is a battery analysis app, not battery saving directly. It will show you all over battery statics which indirectly helps to save battery life. It can show screen time, charging cycles, app usage and more.

Details About Accu Battery Pro Apk

You can download the app for free and major features are available in the free version. Accu Battery Pro Apk has some extra option such as dark mode, and also AMOLED black which is looking very impressive with the display has AMOLED or OLED panel. Furthermore, in the paid version you can get more battery statistics and rid of from annoying ads. This tools app is download more than 5 Million only from Play Store and the average rating is 4.7. This positive rating proves that Accu Battery app is very useful. The developer of the app is Digibites to know more about them click here. Its the most reliable and useful app to get the precise value of charging and draining the battery. Now many smartphones provide an option for monitor battery draining and charging results but AccuBattery app is more accurate from them.

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How to Make Your Android Battery Last Longer?

There are many tips and article on last longer smartphone battery life. But most of them are not scientific. Now we’re going to share the 100% working method how to make your android battery last longer?
There are many reasons to increase or decrease battery life. Most of us plug-in charging cable for the whole night and make phone charge to 100%. Many research shows that overcharging the battery can causes of damage the capacity. It won’t occur in a day or week this effect will damage the battery capacity gradually. We all know that all of the phones have a circuit in the hardware section that stops charging activities after reaching 100% charge. But the power voltage still trickles for charger plugin. For this reason, oxidative effects can reduce battery life for permanent.

If you want to have a longer battery life then most of the time device charging should be within 80%. But if need sometimes fully charge of the device make sure to unplug the phone after 100% charge.
Please remember that not many smartphones have the option to fast battery charging. Don’t enable that features all the time. Regular uses of fast charging can damage battery life in a short period. To know more about the increasing battery life click here.

Battery Charging Tips for Android Phones

Most of the people doing many mistakes about charging the device and decrease battery lifespan. Following these tips can increase battery life.

  • Charge the device within 80%, easily do this use Accu Battery Pro apk it will notify you after the level.
  • Try to charge the device without interruption.
  • Avoid fast charging
  • Keep away from the excess hot or cold environment.
  • Avoid from drain battery to below 15% percent charge.

Final Verdicts of Accu Battery Apk

We’ve discussed many things how to increase battery life and charge time. Accu battery apk is a better solution to follow all the tips. It will shows which apps are responsible for drain battery life most. You can be aware of that app and take the step. People who want to more battery life or using lower mAh battery capacity AccuBattery app is the best choice for them. In the paid version, you will get some extra features including ads free. To get the pro version need to spend some money. But if you don’t want to spend or payment method then this post is for you. Here we provide a pro version of AccuBattery for Android. To download the file click on the below link. Please remember that most of the apps getting updates from the developer and keep your app up to date stay with us. Because we are committed to updating the app regularly. And of course, if you have the ability to buy apps try to purchase and support the developers.


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